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Banking Expert Witness

Banking Expert Witness There may come a time in your life when you require the testimony of a banking expert witness. David J Weir is just such an expert witness. With more than forty years of banking experience behind him, David J Weir is able to offer compelling testimony at a deposition or trial.

Are you an attorney who is putting together a roster of witnesses for an important court case? If your client requires expert testimony in regards to financial situation, David J Weir of Tempe, Arizona may be the ideal banking expert witness for your purposes. His calm, considered and dispassionate presence in a courtroom evinces his professionalism. No attorney is apt to locate a banking expert witness superior to Mr Weir. He is prepared and able to assist in the development of your case. Should you require similar witness, David J Weir may bring in forensic accountants, forensic single family residential loan investigators and forensic commercial loan analysts. David himself has considerable experience working 'in the trenches' of the financial industry, as a bank Chief Executive Officer, a bank President and as a bank Director. He possesses the education and ability to present complicated facts in a clear and understandable fashion.

Of course, David J Weir is a well rounded fellow and more than just a top-rate baking expert witness. When called upon in his capacity as a banking expert witness, Weir brings his significant experience into play whether providing cogent written statements or testifying at a deposition or at a trial in a court of law. Weir is ready, willing and able to serve as a banking expert witness in practically any role. You will find the professional office of David J Weird at 1746 East Jeanine Drive in Tempe, Arizona. Please call 602.758.7589 to schedule an appointment with Mr Weir.
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