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Commercial Loan Workout

Commercial Loan Workout You may or may not know that more than half of all commercial real estate loans today are underwater. These are harsh financial times and many good borrowers are struggling to make their payments. If you require savvy legal advice regarding a commercial loan workout, please contact David J Weir.

Commercial real estate properties have tanked in recent years. This trend may be improving, but certainly not with any sort of satisfying rapidity. Because of this continuing devaluation of commercial real estate properties, many borrowers and seeking the relief of a commercial loan workout. Should you be one of these borrowers, it would certainly behoove you to have a qualified and experienced financial expert on your side. Approach your lender with David J Weir on your team, and you may well improve your chances of receiving the commercial loan workout you desire.

Risks continue to converge, making it crucial that the borrower and lender approach a commercial loan workout scenario with consideration and pragmatism. A commercial loan workout expert like David J Weir can bring solutions to the table. He may bring solutions you had not previously considered. David can provide a realistic assessment of the property and of its potential to produce a positive cash flow. David may be able to negotiate on behalf of a borrower in order to secure a payment plan that is both realistic and viable for both the borrower and the lender. David J Weir is prepared to offer a range of solution, including a commercial loan workout plan that proposes reduced payments, interest-only payments, or suspended payments for a pre-agreed period of time. If it becomes apparent during the commercial loan workout, David J Weir may facilitate a short sale, should this become a necessity. You will find the professional office of David J Weird at 1746 East Jeanine Drive in Tempe, Arizona.
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