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Distressed Bank Management If there is a man more adept than David J Weir at distressed bank management, please let us know. David J Weir has been in the banking business for more than forty years. In this time, Weir has seen and experienced virtually everything that can possibly happen to a bank. He is truly the expert you need.

When Community Bank of Central Texas was in trouble, they turned to distressed bank management expert David J Weir. Initially, Weir accepted the position of temporary CEO, or chief executive officer. At first, his main role was to interview and hire a permanent CEO for Community Bank of Central Texas. Ultimately, the bank was quite impressed with Weir's considerable abilities at distressed bank management. David J Weir became the permanent CEO of the bank, and stayed on the job for ten more years. During these years, Weir enacted major improvements to the organization of the distressed bank. Management duties expanded to include the installation and training of employees in the Fannie Mae Underwater software program, enabling the bank's ability to close, sell and service a wider range of residential loan portfolios.

As part of David's duties of distressed bank management, he served as a primary loan officer, servicing all manner of residential and commercial loans. He was the primary closer on all real estate loans. He served as the primary office of development and marketing, serving a trade area that included six major counties within the state of Texas. During his ten years of distressed bank management at Community Bank of Central Texas, Weir managed all of the interviewing and hiring of new bank personnel. He facilitated all Board of Directors' meetings and managed all loan committee meetings. His duties in this capacity included but were not limited to the preparation of relevant agendas, loan presentations and minutes of loan committee meetings.
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