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Litigation Consulting Expert

Litigation Consulting Expert If and when you find yourself requiring the services of a litigation consulting expert, please get in touch with David J Weir. David has the savvy and the experience to provide compelling expert testimony at a pretrial hearing, a deposition or at a full tilt trial in front of a judge. Find him at 1746 East Jeanine Drive in Tempe, AZ.

In the field of finance, the rules and regulations can be quite complicated. If and when you are faced with the necessity of financial litigation, the analysis and testimony of a litigation consulting expert may be of irreplaceable worth. David J Weir worked in powerful positions in the field of banking for a period of more than forty years. During this time, David J Weir became an expert in the field of financial analysis. This experience contribute mightily to Weir's skills as a litigation consulting expert. If these are skills that would be of value in your particular and unique circumstance, by all means do contact David J Weir. Litigation is serious stuff, and you really should not leave the consultation and analysis to anyone who is less than a world class litigation consulting expert.

Recently, Mr Weir has been providing services as a litigation consulting expert for various banks facing failure. Armed with Weir's analytics, banks in distress have been able to improve their situation and recover from the brink of failure. Weir is ready, willing and able to serve as a litigation consulting expert if and when you need him. Of course, his abilities as a litigation consulting expert and consultant are above reproach. In addition, David J Weir is ready to provide valuable services as a regulatory expert. Weir is an independent contractor and is well qualified to serve as an impartial witness and analyst. You will find the professional office of David J Weird at 1746 East Jeanine Drive in Tempe, Arizona. Please call 602.758.7589 to schedule an appointment with Mr Weir.
David J. Weir
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